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Honda Metropolitan

Whether its running errands, visiting friends, or zipping around campus, you'll have fun on a Honda Metropolitan. It's the ultimate urban errand-runner with a 49cc liquid cooled, four-stroke engine. Plus, the Metro features a 22 liter under-seat storage space and convenient hook for totes and grocery bags. The V-matic transmission means no need to shift, so that you can keep focused on the ride. Stopping quickly is easy because the Combined braking system ensures that both brakes are used. You will spend less time at the gas station as the Metro gets 117 miles per gallon. Check out our cool customized Metro here.  



2017 Honda Ruckus

Similar to the Metropolitan, the Ruckus is powered by a 49cc liquid-cooled engine. It's minimalistic, exoskeletal frame stands out from other scooters. With the Honda V-matic automatic transmission, shifting is hands-free. Electric start also means a reliable start every time. Simply grab your backpack and head out. Check them out here.  



2017 Honda PCX150

With a bigger engine than the Honda Metropolitan, the PCX150 is the next largest model in the scooter lineup. Fuel efficiency is a key benefit at 100 miles per gallon. The lockable, integrated under-seat storage protects personal items without you losing space. Automatic transmission is effortless and no manual shifting is required. Simply put, the PCX150 is a perfect mix between fun and reliability. Check it out here.