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  • Honda's Revolutionary DCT

    Wednesday, August 30, 2017 | Kayla Pitchford

        A dual clutch transmission (DCT) is an automatic transmission that uses two separate clutches, one for odd gears and the other for even gears. In 2009, Honda's VFR1200F was released with an optional DCT. This was groundbreaking in the world of motorcycles and it wasn't alone for long. In 2012, it was followed by the NC700 line, and again in 2013, with the CTX700. Recently, the 2016 Africa Twin came with a DCT option that included more than 80 combinations of drive modes. When the mode strikes, the bike can be easily switched to manual mode for standard shifting.


        Honda's DCT is more than just a technological advancement, it could be the future of motorcycle riding. Owning a bike with an automatic transmission means bringing the joy of riding to the forefront of your experience. More thought can be put into traffic conditions, turning, and braking. A DCT does not mean giving up control, but taking control to a new level.


    Honda has created a website dedicated to it's DCT. You can visit it at http://en.honda-dct.com/ to see how riders from around the world enjoy riding shift-free.



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